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Hey everyone! My names Emily. I just joined the community. As a lot of Yellowcard fans know Ben Harper was recently kicked out of the band. I was wondering if anybody could make me an icon with Ben in it and lyrics from Gifts & Curses saying "And my worst pains are words I cannot say, still I will always fight on for you. Fight on for you ...". Ben was one of the nicest members in the band and I would really like an icon for remembrence of him. Thank you.

-Emily xxx

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how do you know??? its probably just a stupid rumor someone started, because, they've had rumors going on forever about sean leaving, but they're all still there. and plus, who REALLY would want ben out of the band? so, dont worry too much about it ^_^ im sure they're all still together and just fine.
Because Ben posted something on the Message Board about him leaving.

AND Ben's cousin Angel, told JJ from the YCMB about it and he told my friend Ali and Ali told me. This is the truth. I wouldn't post something on here if I thought it wasn't.

-Emily xxx
omg, im so sorry i said that, i hadn't read until a few minutes ago about that! ;____; I'll try to have that icon for you, to say sorry ;____;
Lol! Its ok. I don't care too much. Nobody believed me at first anyways.

Thank you!

-Emily xxx


August 9 2005, 16:15:10 UTC 11 years ago

what thread is this in?
sorry that was me
WOAHWOAHWOAH, I haven't heard anything about this.

is it because he may be getting too involved with Takeover Records possibly?

man, I should check the messageboard more often.
No. Soposvidly its because he parties too much.
Even though that doesn't make too much sense considering the fact we're talking about Yellowcard here.

He is byfar one of the nicest guys i've ever met and the nicest one in the band.

It'll be hard listening to Yellowcard without Ben in it.

-Emily xxx