___dropherheart (___dropherheart) wrote in yellowcardicons,

yeah so bens not in japan with the rest of yc

heres what ben posted on the yellowcard messageboard:

hey everyone.....

the guys are playing shows in
japan without me...the guitarist's name is ryan mendez ....he plays in
a band called "staring back" recently announced on takeover....

please stay positive ...i really think that with fans perspective things can work out please let your voice be heard....

thanks for your support

yellowcard fans = #1

ben jammin

if you wanna read more on it - - ycmb
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this makes me sad. :(
I'm so confused. What is happening?

-Emily xxx
the guys in yellowcard want to kick ben out of the band.
so, right now yellowcard, not including ben, are in japan on tour and they have a new guitarist, ryan mendez. i think that was his name.
But there was a post that Joe the Merch Guy made saying that they don't want Ben out of the band.

I'm so lost.

-Emily xxx
alright..now that gets me confused.
idk. i just read ben's post and he said that they're on tour without him.
so, i just wanna know if he's in or out.
i pray he's still in.
maybe.... instead of starting rumors we should think of the possiblities, a, hes sick, or b, hes having a personal issue he felt would be better handled from america. rather than.. the other side of the world. WOW guys, way to jump to conclusions.
how are we jumping to conclusions? it's on the message boards that they even had to go to court to settle this. the message boards even said ben wasn't backing down without a fight. now, who's the one jumping to conclusions that we're starting rumors?
yeah ryan mendez is in the band called staring back
i think hes just a temporary replacement..

According to what Josh Kippling says on AP.net:

Here's what I've heard. Basically the band did not kick out Ben, they asked him to take some time off to collect his thoughts, his head, and not work so hard on his record label once the new album comes out. So that his head would be in the right place come time to promote the band's new album (word is it's around 80 minutes long). Ben will not be 'replaced' - the band would use a touring guitarist; however, Ben didn't record much guitar work on the new album. Capitol Records basically owns this band now - and all the "legal" s*** that got started in other rumors is due purely to the fact that Capitol's lawyers have to get involved in everything dealing with this artist.
and i ONE HUNDRED PERCENT believe everything posted on a message board rightt..... the only thing ive believed on a message board before was alex's fairwell...

and when all the talk sprouted after that, about different crap i stopped listening, and reading...

it just doesnt make sense, that the band would say they dont want him gone, and he would say that he doesnt want to leave, yet they went to "court"
But he posted about it...

-Emily xxx
well, i agree. you can't believe everything on the message boards, but when ben posts this himself...it kind of makes you believe.
well on the joemerchguy messageboard under the topic of ben getting kicked out heres what joe posted:

ben has not been kicked out of yellowcard, this is a rumor. ben has been asked to not attend japan and to get some personal things worked out. thats all. theres has been no kicking out. that article your quoting from absolute punk is in the "rumor" section. and a rumor is what it is.